Geotechnical Investigation & Design

Geotechnical Investigation and design service
GDI offers exceptionally strong analytical capabilities, in addition to an acquired extensive hands-on project experience.  Our staff has experience with a range of analytical computer programs used to assess conventional slope stability, settlement, and shoring-related routines, to a wide range of sophisticated linear and non-linear finite element and finite difference based computer programs for static and seismic soil/structure interaction analysis; static and dynamic response of deep and shallow foundations, embankments, or natural slopes; earthquake-induced liquefaction potential and stability analysis.


Geotechnical Design Services
GDI provides a variety of geotechnical design services that range from small commercial developments to large civil engineering and infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, pipelines or transportation facilities. Our geotechnical design services encompass:
  • Design recommendations for shallow, deep, ring and mat foundation systems, retaining and revetment walls, and pipelines, tunnels, and other buried structures
  • Roadways and pavements
  • Design of shoring or tieback retention systems
  • Design and evaluation of earth structures
  • Soil-Structure interaction studies
  • Dynamic loading of foundations
  • Earthwork recommendations and specifications
  • Review of construction specifications, and
  • Ground improvement/modification techniques and specifications